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Jessica Blake singer and songwriter gifts her lovely song ‘The more I see’ to Rose Charities

(http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.jpg)

Jessica Blake…. writer and singer of ‘The more I see’

The beautiful singer and songwriter Jessica Blake (http://www NULL.jessicablakemusic has dedicated one of her most lovely songs to Rose Charities.  ‘The more I see’  (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.mp3)  was written during a visit by Jessica to Cambodia where she was moved by the courage of the poor battling with so much need.  Jessica discovered there of the work of Rose Charities (now around 20 years) in Cambodia (http://www NULL.rosecambodia and so with huge generosity dedicated this incredible song to Rose work.   Please click to listen (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.mp3) to if and, if  you are like it and would like to honour tnd thank Jessica by donating a little to Rose Charities efforts use the donation page (http://www NULL.rosecharities of this site.  The funds will be used to help the poor of Cambodia in one of Rose’s many projects there

The spirit of RCRC Physio Cambodia

Rose Charities Rehab Cambodia (http://roserehab supported by Rose Charitiies NY

‘Stargazer’ trailer – premiere benefit in November

One of the best ever films to ever come out of South Africa:  Official Trailer. Premier in NY November 2012 to benefit Rose Project, education without borders. More info to follow…


Stargazer Official Trailer (http://vimeo from D Street Media Group (http://vimeo on Vimeo (http://vimeo   Premier to will channel support so S.African school (http://rosecharities


D Street Media to help S.African School with ‘Stargazer’ premiere November 29

D Street  Media NY is planning a fundraiser for Rose USA parter  Education without Borders in conjunction with their USA launching of the late 2011 film ‘Stargazer’

(http://3 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)

D Street Media Group will host a benefit fundraiser along side it’s November 29th 2012 premiere of ‘Stargazer’ (Roepman) (http://rosecharities, which screened at the Vancouver South African Film Festival earlier this year. The beautifully produced movie will be the first ever Afrikaans language movie to be released in North America.

D Street is also giving the young talent of South Africa some international exposure and has asked the Fekeza Secondary School (http://fezekasecondaryschool NULL.webs Choir to record a song for the soundtrack of an upcoming feature film. The choir will record the song with one of the top South African recording artist and television personalities.


“It is one of the two or three best South African movies I have ever seen.  29 August 2011 | JeffersonCody (South Africa)”


D Street Media Group (http://dstreetmediagroup is a production company and distributor of independent and international film. It values a socially responsible approach to doing business and doing its part to make the world better for everyone. The company believes in the power of storytelling and in our efforts to bring international films to the U.S. we hope to promote understanding and goodwill around the world.

for more information, please contact John Henry Jordaan on behalf of D Street Media Group: (%20jordaan NULL.jh null@null dstreetmediagroup


Donate to  Rose USA -EWB Project(s) (http://www NULL.firstgiving

Mirriam’s story…

Malambo Grassroots.Community Support

A Zambian woman's falling down house - Malambo Grassroots (http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.jpg)

For years Mirriam, in her 80’s, invited us around to see her house – and it’s growing problems. It was falling down around her and in the end ‘shifted’ in the night when there was heavy rain. The bedroom had been almost totally filled in by a giant termite mound. Like many other grandmothers, she is rearing small children. After 3 years a generous donor gave us money for a new small house for her and the kids.

These are photos of Mirriam’s house. You can see where she has put a mattress spring in the window to keep the wall up. Her Bedroom is filled with a giant termite mound that keeps growing and the small drop toilet fell down in the heavy rains. In the picture below, Mirriam shows us the paintings her departed son gave her as a gift.

malambo2 (http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.jpg)Mirriam’s house is complete now. I visit her the following year and am surprised to see a new kitchen and toilet building.  In the toilet she has even designed a sit down clay drop toilet – the first I have seen. “How did you do this Mirriam?” She had salvaged the clay bricks, one by one, of the demolished house and built these two structures. An inspiring woman.

(http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.jpg)Mirriam was one of the founding members of the Malambo Women’s Club, the first income generating group started by Malambo Grassroots, twenty years ago. Today she is still a member attending meetings and handing in her hand sewn embroidered squares, these provide her with a small income to support her family.

If you would like to support Malambo Grassroots and all of their community support programs, please donate through Canada Helps. Malambo Grassroots is a member-project of Rose Charities Canada. Thank-you for your support!

To read more about what Malambo Grassroots does, please check out their website: (http://www NULL.malambograssroots . To donate to this project: (http://www NULL.firstgiving

Education without Borders links with Rose Charities US

Education Without Borders (http://www NULL.educationwithoutborders links with Rose Charities USA (http://rosecharities


Education without Borders (EwB) aims to foster educational opportunities and provide facilities in disadvantaged regions of the world.


Formed in 2002 in Vancouver and granted charitable status in 2003, EwB operates on the principle that the development of knowledge and skills gives individuals greater control over their lives and more possibilities and choices for their future. Enhanced educational opportunities build communities from within and facilitate bridging between communities.


The Education without Borders organizers seek to fulfill this mandate through their own initiatives and fundraising, as well as through grants and partnerships with other non-profit organizations in B.C., Canada, USA and abroad.


Notwithstanding its overall mandate to work in different parts of the world, the Board of Directors has decided to focus primarily on two schools in Gugulethu, South Africa.


As a relatively small charity with limited resources, we believe that , at this stage of a specific focus will produce quantifiable results that would not be forthcoming from spreading ourselves too thinly. We see this as a strength as well a necessity as it allows us to really know the community, to work profoundly and deeply with problems on site, and to use this experience (as we develop and get more resources) to serve additional communities in South Africa.


The two schools we are currently involved with are Fezeka Senior Secondary and Songeze Middle Schools. The video on this page highlights some of EwB’s achievements to date.




DONATE FROM USA (http://www NULL.firstgiving


Medical Student Electives in Cambodia – new program

 Rose Charities system for medical electives in Cambodia has been restructured (July 2012)


Operation FIRST has now been absorbed into the PPSC Surgery Center in Phnom Penh which also delivers free surgery to the poor, and is directed again by the hugely experienced maxillofacial and rehabilitative surgeon Dr Nous Sarom  ( (http://www NULL.cambodiasurgery

Medical electives will now me more structured with their base being at PPSC but with the option to spend time (if available) at the Rose Sight Centre (http://www NULL.rose-eye (eye surgery, optometry), and  the Rose Cambodia Rehab Centre (http://www NULL.roserehab (physio-therapy, pain-clinic etc). Other centres may be available by special arrangement ie pediatrics, infectious disease etc, but the main focus is rehabilitative medicine and surgery (including eye surgery).

There may be opportunity for community visits: eye, or physio-therapy village screening visits.

As previously the electives are best suited to those interested equally in the cultural experience and health care in a uniquely fascinating part of the world.  Students with initiative to take opportunities will tend to gain more as usually a little bit of effort in communication goes a long way.

Both Dr Nous Sarom and Dr Hang Vra (ophthalmic surgery) are highly acclaimed surgeons with international as well as considerable local experience (huge case numbers). The range of pathologies also seen in Cambodia can be quite astounding.

There will be a weekly administration charge ($US 90) which will go to help the project work and support of the elective staff.   Accommodation can also be arranged (at a discount).

Students should apply early. In order to make sure that students have a enjoyable and interesting elective, numbers are limited to around 4 at a given time and some months (usually northern hemisphere summer) are usually in fairly high demand!

Please go to (%20http://www NULL.rosestudent NULL.blogspot for more details.  Applications should be addressed to (RoseHQ null@null aol

Just thirteen thousand dumplings… !

Produced last weekend by the Rose Charities Singapore (http://rosesingapore  for the elderly… 13,000 wonderful dumplings !

(http://rosesingapore NULL.jpg)

The Flowers of Thanh Thien. by Rachel Greene and Jan Johnston

(http://3 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)

For 400 years, the villagers in Thanh Thien, Vietnam, have been making beautiful handmade paper flowers using unique designs passed down through the generations. These colourful flowers are particularly significant in Vietnam during the lunar New Year holiday (Tet) and at one time the village was renowned throughout the country for this craft. It proudly displays a scroll issued in the 18th century by the Emperor of Vietnam recognising the significance of these unique flowers……Click for for full article (http://www NULL.thetravelword 

Our Physical Therapy Center in Cambodia starts Chronic Pain Group

Recognising that many people suffer from chronic pain, we thought of starting a group exercise program. Six of RCRC’s physiotherapy patients were invited to join a therapeutic exercise class, designed to help with chronic pain. They had  back pain, knee problems, and neck pain; and one woman had been receiving treatment following a leg fracture.  Ranging in age from their 20s to their late 50s, they were all keen and last Thursday the first class got underway, making good use of our soft flooring in the Therapy Area.

Led by Zoe, our regular volunteer physiotherapist, and assisted by Kanha our staff physiotherapist, the women worked through a series of exercises designed to help relieve their pain, and strengthen their physical condition.

(http://www NULL.roserehab NULL.jpg)The Chronic Pain Group – with RCRC physiotherapist Kanha (centre, in orange)

After the 75 minute session the women were happy to have participated; they enjoyed the program, even the soreness from using their muscles intensively, and are keen to return for the next class in a week’s time. Following Zoe’s initial instruction, Kanha will take over running the class from next week.  Another first for RCRC physiotherapy!

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