Noot Seear

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Noot Seear, born Renata Seear, quickly became one of the darlings of the international fashion industry, working with such acclaimed designers as Calvin Klein, Yves St Laurent and Giorgio Armani.

During the last 13 years of her career, Noot remains an established in the fashion industry, and yet has found time to work on outside projects close to her heart. Brought up in a family dedicated to raising money and awareness for children in the developing world, Noot became the chairman of the board of Rose Charities in 2005. Noot helps Rose produces events in New York City and Vancouver, to raise money and support for the likes of survivors of natural disasters and children born with birth defects in third world countries. Her commitment to Rose has taken her around the world to visit Rose supported clinics in Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Noot excels at whatever she puts her mind to. In addition to her love of chess and competing in speed tournaments, snowboarding, skydiving and show jumping, Noot has dedicated her spare time to her passion for acting. She has been training for the past five years, and in March 2009, her hard work paid off. After receiving a call while in Cambodia, Noot flew back to Vancouver, to audition for a new character in the phenomenal film saga, Twilight. She won the part, and a new chapter in her life began.

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