Restoring lives though surgery in Cambodia

Dr Sarom (http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.jpg)The lives which children and adults suffer through disability can be terrible. A baby born with a cleft lip or palate cannot breast feed properly, a woman blinded and burned horribly by deliberately thrown acid has a lifetime of pain in front of her, a man with of four limbs blasted away by a landmine has a future of crawling and begging.

Rehabilitation for those who suffer must work as a spectrum of may forms, physical to psychological. Often though the first step is Rehabilitative Surgery. From its founding in 1998, Rose Charities has been intimately associated with providing rehabilitative surgery for those in Cambodia in need and this work continues to this day. The work includes: sight restoration and other rehab surgical techniques such as cleft lip or palate, burns (including deliberately afflicted acid burns), land-mine injury and many other deformities and malformations. Many of the problems have arisen from the various forms of conflict injury from Cambodia’s sad and troubled past.

Rose Charities and the people of Cambodia are fortunate to have Dr Nous Sarom’s expertise to help them. Dr Sarom is a world expert in rehab surgery and was part of the original Rose Charities team set up in 1998. He then moved on to form his own Rose supported program:‘PPSC – Operation First’ (http://www NULL.cambodiasurgery and knowledge of the quality of his work spread rapidly in Cambodia and overseas. With huge experience both internationally and within Cambodia, Dr Sarom has given life changing surgery to thousands of disabled Cambodians in Rose Charities supported centers and outreach programs.

Dr. Sarom (http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.jpg)Operating now from the PPSC Centre in Phnom Penh, Dr Sarom’s teaching, treatment and outreach programs continue to provide rehab surgery, free to the poor, which bring real, life changing results to many people suffering from disability. It is hard to estimate the numbers that Dr Sarom has assisted as they are magnified by the teaching he has given to many surgeons who themselves carry on the techniques. They would however range to many thousands.

Dr Sarom is Cambodia’s representative on the Rose Charities International Council and we are incredibly lucky to have him as an integral part of Rose Charities work in Cambodia.

If you would like to help the Surgery centre in Cambodia, please visit our donation page.  All donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt. Operation FIRST – PPSC is a member-project of Rose Charities International. Thank-you for your support!

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