Rose Charities International Conference – Penang 2012

The bi-annual Rose Charities International conference in Penang Malaysia was an amazing gathering of delegates from 13 different countries including Sri Lanka, Vietnam, (http://rosecharities, Guatemala, Vietnam, and Uganda. The meeting is a great place for us to talk about the status of our organization and projects, as well as share new ideas. Getting all of the projects together in one place allows them to share resources and support one another.

This face to face time is important for the project countries as well as the fundraising countries. It also gave Rose Charities Singapore the opportunity to distribute donated laptops to Vietnam, Cambodia, Uganda and Guatemala!

Rose USA delegates Rachel Greene and Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli worked with projects on utilizing social media to improve communications with donors and using google and other technology to improve communication within Rose Charities. We believe that both of these technologies will help improve communication without spending – keeping in line with Rose Charities mission of low overhead costs.

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