Kind words about Mannequin Donation

Kind words from Haiti…

“I just wanted to share a picture with you that I thought you may like.  I paid a short visit to Mme Nazaire last week to drop off some articles for her.  She was most delighted to show me the donations from Rose Charities that had arrived at the school and of which they were busily inventorying and unpacking.  She was so thrilled with the mannequins and in fact had already used some of them in her classes.  She went to one of the boxes and opened it up to show me one of them.  Attached is a picture of her showing “off” the mannequin.  I also saw a number of french text books in another box…what a boon that is to have them in French. I know Mme Nazaire gets offered a lot of nursing books but most of them are older versions and also in English.  Hopefully this little feedback will give you encouragement to keep up with your efforts.  Sometimes change takes a long time, but little by little it comes about.  Your contributions to the school will certainly help that change take place.”

Warm regards,
Director Haiti Operations
Village of Hope – Lazarus Project (http://www NULL.villageofhopehaiti

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