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Rose Charities Vietnam (http://www NULL.rosevietnam is composed of volunteers who raise money for local projects.  They research community needs then provide support. The organization was registered as a charity in Vietnam in 2008.


Through its partnership programs and generous donors, Rose Vietnam collaborates with the local schools and educational groups.  Our task is to profile students and seek funding for qualified candidates.  We hope to alleviate the financial burden that would deny poor students the opportunity to attend public post-secondary institutions.  Rose Charities also links students to the Viet Kieu community living abroad for direct educational sponsorship and scholarship awards. 

Cataract Surgeries

Cataract is a major cause of blindness affecting thousands of people in Vietnam.  An inexpensive operation can restore a patient’s eyesight within days with minimal post-op expenses.  For no more than $20 per eye, Rose Charities and our volunteers, who are medical experts in the field of cataract and cornea repair, are committed to reaching out to more patients every year.  Success is instantly seen in our patient’s happiness.

Rose Vietnam sponsored 200 cataract surgeries in 2009.  Through our partnership program with the HCM Eye Hospital and Dr. Yen Bui, a Rose Charities Vietnam member, we are committed to reducing and curing blindness caused by cataracts.  Our mobile clinic will be operating in the Mekong Delta and Binh Thuan.


In Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Province, Rose Vietnam works with several local and foreign partners at two sites with orphans and disabled children.  Private donors, corporations and HMCS Regina have pledged to support our program.  Rose Vietnam and its partners, HMCS Regina, donated school supplies, clothes, bath towels, toys, books and foods. 3,000,000 VND on school supplies and foods on site visits to Be Tho Orphanage, Dong Nai, 3,000,000 VND on school and foods on site visits to Tu Hanh Pagoda HCMC,10,000,000 VND on equipments and furniture for Dong Hoi School for the Disabled Children.

 We have established a long term partnership with Be Tho Orphanage and can already see the difference we had made in the quality of life of these young orphans,  now being housed in a brick and mortar structure rebuilt by Rose Charities. We pledge to build a child’s dream one brick at a time until we have a human wonder.  Rose VN is committed to the continuing support of Be Tho Orphanage.

Housing and Education for the Blind

Currently Rose Vietnam is focusing efforts in Hue, where there is a great deal of poverty compounded by frequent typhoons and flooding. Projects in Hue include a school for blind adults, building ten houses for very poor blind people (4 completed to date, each house costs approximately $2000), education support and income-generating projects.

Thanh Tien village is among the poorest villages in Hue.  So far, Rose Vietnam has supported repairs for two rooms in the community centre. One is used to teach the villagers paper flower making and another room is used as classroom. The key persons of the village would like Rose to support the paper flowers class as it is a traditional art and income opportunity. Rose Vietnam will also provide education funds for an excellent and strong minded student who comes from disadvantage family and tries hard to be the best at school.

For more information: (http://www NULL.rosevietnam

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