What we do:

This two week workshop consists of two intensive new media arts classes for students on the Nez-Perce Reservation in Idaho. The sessions focuse on teaching students photography and digital video skills. Using small digital video cameras, one group of students plans and shoots short video projects. They then learned to do basic editing, adding sound effects and music. The other group of students use 35 mm cameras and learn the basics of photography from composition to development.

Our Voices 1st Workshop (http://vimeo from Our Voices Project (http://vimeo on Vimeo (http://vimeo

What is the need:

Beyond the technical  and artistic skills developed, the students were encouraged to create works that reflected the issues facing them in their lives, giving them a new channel for personal expression.

There are many artists and educators interested in volunteering as instructors for this particular program. We are looking for an exchange of learning and have informally discussed the chance to learn the Nez Perce language and arts. These ideas are central to the goal of this program. We call it “Our Voices” to illustrate that it is about the open, honest sharing of ideas.

How you can help:

The program needs donated MAC computers, video cameras, printers and other equipment. We also need financial to cover the costs of the program and talented volunteers who have who donate their time and skills to mentor these students. Please contact: Jason Rosenstock at (jasonrosenstock4 null@null gmail or Rachel Greene (rachel NULL.greene null@null rosecharities

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