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Rose Charities Sri Lanka (http://www NULL.rosesrilanka is a registered NGO in Sri Lanka. It is based in the town of Kalmunai on the East Coast of the island. This area was devastated by the tsunami of 26th December 2004. The work of Rose Charities Sri Lanka began immediately after this event.

What we do:

This project initially focused on meeting the needs of the children injured and traumatized by the 2004 tsunami and the civil war. Today Rose Charities Sri Lanka is a multi-program community-based organization registered and administered in Sri Lanka. It works with children, families and communities that are still struggling to rebuild their lives. Programs include: educational support, vocational training, micro-credit, sports and peace-building.

Educational Support

Rose Charities supports all levels of education from pre-school to post secondary. This includes:

  • 14 pre-schools for village children
  • enrichment classes for girls and at-risk children
  • assisting school drop-outs getting back to school and caught up on education
  • university scholarships
  • vocational training and computer classes
  • women’s support groups

Girls Sports Program

Sports for Peace is a basketball league that organizes coaching, camps and competitions for boys and girls from 14 Hindu, Muslim and Christian schools in the Kalmunai region. The Rose Charities Community Center is used for multi-cultural, sports and training activities that build bridges and create community harmony.

In 2010, the progam has grown to include 86 girls from communities that did not have access to sports facilities. Along with practices every Saturday and Sunday, Rose organizes annual sport meets for the girls. Girls compete in basketball, badminton, volleyball, crickett and ella, although basketball and cricket seem to be the favourite sports. The majority of the girls have never played basketball before partcipating in the sports clubs, therefore it is important to provide quality coaching in the fundamentals. This approach has proven to be very successful as many teams have competed in District and Provincial tournaments.

The community is very proud of these achievements and training continues enthusiastically. These activities bring groups together, foster self-esteem and build understanding. Our sports coordinators now visit schools and liaise with the sports teachers there. Sports is also a gateway to employment since employers want people who have participated in organized activities.


Rose Charities began children’s psycho-social counseling in Kalmunai 4 weeks after the 2004 tsunami. We developed a training program for Community Support Workers and established counseling in 19 schools in Kalmunai that reached over 10,000 children. Today, the Community Support Workers are still active in the community. They deal with a wide range of poverty related issues including: family violence, abuse, alcoholism, school dropouts and post war trauma.


  • Rose Charities Micro-Credit provides loans of $50-$300 to families living in extreme poverty to enable them to begin small income generating businesses.
  • We hold information and training sessions in poor communities on micro-finance, borrowing, saving and financial planning.
  • We monitor, counsel and train borrowers and future borrowers so that they are able to run their small enterprises successfully.
  • We develop women’s special interest groups and encourage women to begin businesses.
  • We run a small savings bank as part of the micro-credit and ensure all borrowers are also able to save.
  • We run a “Share with the community” scheme that provides some financial support for borrowers who meet with disasters.
  • We provide micro-finance loans to graduates from the vocational training program, and to parents of school dropouts.

Started in 2007, the program reached 600 borrowers by April 2010 and is expanding rapidly. By April 2010 the program has a 95% recovery rate of loans and has helped over 600 families to improve their standard of living. (http://rosemicrocredit

Rose Charities Sri Lanka Micro-credit (http://www NULL.rosemicrocredit

Youth Programs for Peace

Although the civil war has ended, the need to promote co-operation between ethnicities is important than ever in order to promise peace for future generations. There was a need to include the Muslim, Christian and Buddhist minorities into the larger Hindu community. The program included multi-cultural children’s and youth activities, conflict resolution training, educational support, counseling and sports. The aim to bring families from all ethnic and religious groups together. The program has been both successful and very popular in the area.

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