Emergency Response

Rose Charities/AMDA disaster relief teams rushed to northern Japan as early as 12 March 2011 to help with emergency health care. The first arriving teams initially aimed to assist the most vulnerable and set up a point to which emergency supplies and medications can be delivered. Within a month of the Tsunami, Rose had 131 relief personnel on location including doctors, nurses and technicians.   These teams were able to provide mobile clinic services, food and supplies to evacuation shelters in some of the most severely damaged areas.

Nearly two months after the disaster, Rose/AMDA shifted from direct medical to overall rehabilitation efforts. The medical systems of the area are now almost all back up and running and able to cope with the direct medical needs. Relief however will continue into the foreseeable future as needs are still huge. It is hard for many who have not seen the area to comprehend the magnitude of the destruction, social, physical, and infrastructural.

AMDA is one of Japans foremost emergency relief organizations and has experience of over 100 emergency relief efforts including earthquakes, tsunami, and conflict related human disasters.  AMDA Canada runs out of Vancouver and supports AMDA HQ efforts in major disasters in conjunction with Rose Charities.

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