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Three Rose Charities clinics in Cambodia provide free access to physical therapy, eye and surgical procedures to many people who have often spent years in need of treatment. All of these clinics rely on your donations to continue their work.

Rose Charities Cambodia Eye Clinic

What we do:

Rose Charities Eye Clinic (http://www NULL.rose-eye provides free eye treatment for the poor of Cambodia including sight restoration surgery and prevention of blindness procedures, eye tests and glasses.

  • The clinic treats approximately 1500 patients per month for eye diseases, eye infections and injuries082700671-225x300
  • Performs over 100 cataract and other sight restoring surgeries per month
  • Provides screening for eye diseases such as glaucoma for 1500 patients per month
  • Provides eye care information to approximately 4000 patients per month
  • Provides eye tests and glasses for approximately 1000 people per month

What is unique about this clinic:

The clinic is the largest free eye clinic in Cambodia and open to everyone. It is run by a skilled Cambodian team led by Dr. Hang Vra and is supported by visiting experts from New Zealand, Canada and Nepal. This enables the clinic to maintain high levels of expertise and service on a small budget. The total cost of the clinic is approximately  $3000 per month.

Why is the clinic needed:

For many Cambodians, health care is largely unavailable. When a person is blind in Cambodia, the whole family suffers. A blind man cannot work, his wife has to limit her work to stay home and look after him. A child is taken from school to act as his guide. The loss of income puts the extended family into poverty. With a simple cataract surgery, the family is restored. With more funding, Rose Eye Clinic could easily double the number of surgeries a year as there is a long waiting list of blind people who could have their sight restored with simple surgery.

How you can help:

We appreciate financial support for the clinic. The biggest area of need is for surgical materials. The clinic has three operating tables but the number of surgeries is limited due to the lack of funds to purchase artificial lenses and other surgical materials.  A cataract operation costs approx $25 to perform. Donate (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.html) $25 and give the gift of sight to a person in need.

Cambodia FIRST- Rose Rehabilitative Surgery Clinic

What we do:

The First-Rose Clinic (http://www NULL.firstrose undertakes free surgical procedures to improve quality of life and relieve suffering in Cambodia. The clinic performs approx 350 simple surgeries a year that include:

  • cleft lip and palate repairs
  • land-mine amputation remodeling for fitting artificial limbs
  • burn relief including: acid burn victims
  • correcting limb and other deformities
  • conducts training for Cambodian physicians in new surgical techniques and procedures
  • trains pre and post operative surgical staff

What is unique about this clinic:

The First-Rose Clinic is run near the Chea Chumnas Hospital in the suburbs of Phnom Phen. All treatments are free of charge. A skilled Cambodian team led by plastic surgeon Dr. Nous Sarom runs the clinic. The Clinic receives funding, technical support and training from Rose Charities, Operation Rainbow Canada, SMILE TRAIN, Impact (UK) and from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Why is the clinic needed:

A child born with cleft palate in America has surgery within days of birth. In Cambodia many parents cannot afford the surgery and their baby faces a childhood of suffering. A baby with cleft palate can have difficulty nursing, malnutrition and recurring ear and throat infections. The facial deformity exposes the child to persecution and neglect. Many assume that he or she is mentally retarded.

The work of the clinic is dependent upon funds from individual donors. A cleft palate operation costs approx $150 (2009).

Rose Cambodia Rehabilitation Centre

Who we are:

Rose Cambodia Rehabilitation Centre (Rose Rehab) (http://www NULL.roserehab is a local non-government organisation and a project dedicated to improving health and rehabilitation services in Cambodia. Rose Rehab, in conjunction with Operation FIRST Cambodia (http://www NULL.firstrose, provides rehabilitation for marginalized Cambodian children and community members with disability or injury. We are newly established, in response to a locally identified need for an improvement in rehabilitation services in Kandal Province and in particular, at Chey Chumneas Referral Hospital. We are currently well into the process of establishing a high quality clinical rehabilitation centre and physiotherapy services at the hospital, with appropriate outreach services.

What we do:

Rose Cambodia Rehabilitation Centre works in partnership with Operation FIRST (http://www NULL.firstrose to provide physical rehabilitation services to complement surgical procedures, as well as non-surgical rehabilitation.

Rose Rehab provides rehabilitative intervention for members of the community and patients at Chey Chumneas Referral Hospital, working together with government health services. We provide training for local medical staff, nurses and therapists in the benefits of physiotherapy to maximize outcomes for patients and also provide outreach services to increase the accessibility of our healthcare. We provide education and awareness sessions in the community with an aim to prevent unnecessary disability, and encourage the inclusion of all people.

Access for All – Housing and Education for the Disabled

Who we are:

Access For All is a newly launched project in Cambodia that was brought to Rose by inspirational local khmer man, Mr Ull Meng Hour, who saw a need for disabled students to be provided with access education in rural Cambodia. The Access For All project is located in Prey Veng Town and provides a safe, secure housing solution for disabled women, allowing them to move into the town and live independent, fulfilling lives where they can access educational opportunities.

What is unique about this project:

Not only are the beneficiaries able to access formal education but they are also trained in project management and organizational development skills which will enable them to be leaders and manage the project independently long-term. Through the learning of life skills, taught to them in the supportive home, they will gain confidence and learn to participate fully in the community and to teach others about women with disability and raise awareness and advocate for disability rights. Through the acquisition of skills and formal qualifications they will in the future be able to earn an income and relieve the burden on their families of caring for a disabled daughter in rural Cambodia, increasing the living standards of not only themselves, but their whole family.

How you can help:

This project is proving successful and is a great model that is currently being replicated for a supportive home for disabled men in Prey Veng Town. Full funding for the male focused Access For All project is still required.

We are also still looking for education scholarship funds for both female and male members of the Supportive Homes, a requirement which will increase once more and more students come of age and gain entrance to University and require assistance with their fees.

The women’s supportive home is funded through mid-2012, we are currently seeking funding from June 2012. Within the next 5 years we will begin to transition the project to a more sustainable model where the graduates begin a small social enterprise which will aim to support the project for the long-term.

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