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Rose Charities supports several community based projects in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Madagascar. Most of these projects were started by Rose Charities Canada and we work with them to provide funds and support.

Stand Tall Uganda

Stand Tall Education Network is a non-profit organization creating educational opportunities and building school facilities to serve the world’s most disadvantaged children. A good education empowers children to trust their ideas, look for new answers, and Stand Tall as future leaders.

Stand Tall has completed the construction of a no-fee primary school in Kampala, Uganda to educate children who cannot afford the expense associated with government-sponsored schools, and we continue to fund the ongoing operational expenses and programs that sustain it. The school is located on a one acre property in a low income area of Kampala.
For more information visit: (http://standtalleducation

Malambo Grassroots Zambia

We have a long-term commitment to the people of southern Zambia and a deep understanding of their history and culture. Malambo started as an initiative of the Savory-Banyard families and was based out of the Moorings Farm near Monze, Zambia (http://en NULL.wikipedia

Elementary School (http://www NULL.malambograssroots

(http://www NULL.malambograssroots NULL.jpg)Headmaster Polycarp Mweetwa hoola hoops with his students.

Malambu Basic School works with Malambo Grassroots to better equip the school. When Polycarp Mweetwa, the headmaster, first approached Malambo Grassroots, his government-funded school had virtually no supplies except for broken student desks and a box of chalk.

Over the last few years, we have built several pit toilets, without which, the school could not have stayed open. We have also built a bathhouse, largely to help female students stay in school, and a kitchen. The government says they will provide food if a kitchen exists. At this point, the children do not come to the school fed. We continue to improve on the school’s infrastructure.

(http://www NULL.malambograssroots NULL.jpg)A teacher at the Malambu Basic Elementary School leads her class in an exercise.

We buy textbooks, dictionaries, and have started to build a library of books that are relevant to rural African children. We also buy consumable school supplies, such as paper, pencils, or crayons.

We tutor grade seven students, and facilitate school visits with students and teachers from the United States.

(http://www NULL.malambograssroots NULL.jpg)



Post Secondary (http://www NULL.malambograssroots

In Zambia, free public schooling is available for grades 1 to 7. Malambo Grassroots works with Thea Van Huis Savory to provide tuition, scholarships, uniforms, and school supplies for secondary schooling (grades 8 to 12), college and university education, and adult education. We also train school drop-outs with skills for viable careers.

(Photo:  Mrs. Gideon poses with two of her sons, who have both received scholarships for their schooling.)




Income-generating (http://www NULL.malambograssroots

Malambo Grassroots has initiated several income-generating groups. Almost all members of these groups are dealing with the fallout of HIV. Either they are infected themselves, or support HIV-positive family members, or care for AIDS orphans. It is not unusual for members to have up to 6 orphans in their household, on top of their own children. For most, the money they make from the Malambo Grassroots group is their sole form of income. The groups have been designed so members can continue with their traditional responsibilities of preparing food for their families, planting and tending their fields, housework, etc.

For More information, visit (http://www NULL.malambograssroots

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