Rose Charities NY

KALEK01Who we are:

Rose Charities NY supports grassroots international projects working on poverty reduction and alleviation. Our main projects include supporting pre-schools and micro finance in Sri Lanka, providing free healthcare in Cambodia, and supporting community development in Vietnam (http://www NULL.rosevietnam; We also support projects in Haiti, Zambia (http://www NULL.malambograssroots, and Uganda (http://www NULL.brightersmilesafrica Rose Charities NY relies entirely on volunteers, keeping administrative costs to an absolute minimum and ensuring that your donation dollars go directly to the people. The projects we support are locally initiated and managed by strong local leaders and volunteers who find their own solutions for their communities.

Rose Charities NY, Inc is a New York 501(C)3 registered charity (tax ID: 20 315 3076). It is a member of Rose Charities International. We are non-political and have no religious affiliation.

What makes us unique:Sri Lanka

  • Minimal overhead costs: the majority of your donation goes directly to the projects.
  • Targeted donations: you can direct your donation to a specific project, a specific component of a project, or to a specific type of work (i.e. healthcare, education). Alternatively, we can provide the details of how your donation is spent.
  • Helping people help their communities: we don’t pay US salaries abroad and we don’t provide US staff. Instead, we support initiatives of local leaders and volunteers living and working in our project areas who are committed to making a difference in their own communities.
  • Smart spending: by working closely with those on the ground, we are better able to stretch every dollar to achieve meaningful results.
  • International network: we are part of Rose International, which connects and supports worldwide projects, keeping us connected to the most pressing needs throughout the world as well as resources and best practices sharing to ensure we remain effective.

How we work:

Rose Charities provides strategic brainstorming and financial support to our projects. We create a direct link between those with the means to donate in developed countries and those on the ground in our project countries.

What you can do:

  • Become Informed: Learn about what is happening in the poorest communities around the world.
  • Donate: Help us support individuals and communities in need by making a donation.
  • Volunteer: Assist us with fund-raising and other activities. We are always looking for dedicated people who want to donate their time or skills to our efforts, either longer term or for a one-time event.
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