Unsung Heroes Cambodia: new book !

We are proud to announce that we have been featured in new book that is being released shortly. ‘Unsung Heroes Cambodia: People and Projects Making a Difference’ is a non-profit book that is a collection of inspirational stories about NGO’s that also raises awareness about the complex issues surrounding voluntourism. It offers practical tips for anyone interested in helping whether by donating time, money or equipment. It also is filled with stunning photography that presents a side of Cambodia that is heartfelt and unique (in the large format book – an ebook version will also be available for travelers).
unsung-heros-pic1 (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.org NULL.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/unsung-heros-pic1 NULL.jpeg)
 unsung-heros-pic2 (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.org NULL.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/unsung-heros-pic2 NULL.jpeg)
To receive information on this book (which is raising money for the projects it includes) please join the mailing list by using this link:
https://xl129.infusionsoft.com/app/form/fb-sign-up-unsung-heroes-cambodia (https://xl129 NULL.infusionsoft NULL.com/app/form/fb-sign-up-unsung-heroes-cambodia)
You can also join us on Facebook/ Unsung Heroes Cambodia.

Volset School Uganda: big heart, happy kids, but great needs…

photo-test (http://roseeducation NULL.files NULL.wordpress NULL.com/2013/03/photo-test NULL.jpg)

Around 2 hours drive away from Kampala along a rutted non paved road near the village of Mukono, Uganda, lies the Volset School. The school gives education to some 160 kids, most of them from very deprived backgrounds.   The school does great work and the kids are happy, but is still very poor and is in need of many resources.  Nevertheless it does manage to get some assistance, including through Rose Charities and that way manages to keep going .

The shool identifies its most pressing needs as  1) sponsorship for students, 2) refurbishment and construction of more teaching space, 3) establishing a more secure water supply (probably a bore-hole),  finding one or two used donated computers to teach computer skills.

Despite hardships,  Directors Lydia Nansukusa, and Festus Bazira never give up hope.  Festus explained his vision for the school to me. These are our ‘Diplomats of the Future’ he said of his kids..



Talented teenager Andrew Warner to make film in Haiti..

(http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/andres-warner NULL.jpg)KIDS MAKING A DIFFERENCE -Andrew Warner, aged 15, will be travelling to Port Au Prince with his mom (one of Rose Haiti Project organizers and a pediatric nurse) in March 2013 to film a documentary on sustainable giving from a teenager’s perspective. The project he will be filming involves the neonatal resuscitation course Rose Charities supports for health care workers in Haiti. Andrew speaks French and has always been interested in humanitarian work, and produced a homelessness documentary when he was 12 years old. He has been working as a tutor and madly fundraising to support this trip, from craft fairs to games nights, to slam poetry/music night fundraisers. Attached is the link for a humanitarian poem he wrote that recently won him First Place at a Youth Poetry Slam contest. If you would like to donate, please click on the Haiti project to direct your funds to this project. http://youtu.be/WG1N1JEzBbM (http://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/l NULL.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fyoutu NULL.be%2FWG1N1JEzBbM&h=8AQECjEll&s=1)

End of year words from Rose International..

Greetings for these last few days of 2012, and  ‘Salut ‘ to a shiny new ‘Gregorian’ New Year!


2012 has been another marvellous year for Rose Charities and its programs around the world.  All Rose groups have seen either consolidation or expansion with increased services being available for the poor.


There is a traditional English song that is sung around their festival  of Christmas known as the ‘Twelve Days’ .  On each of the twelve days certain gifts are given. Each verse recounts a further day and a further set of gifts (often described with a gerund ie ‘a leaping’ or ‘a swimming’,  )


2012 for Rose Charities has seen  its own cornucopia of gifts so, in festive mood  we would like to present our own Rose  ’12 days of Christmas’ .


There is no order of importance in our selection; all are noteworthy.  Almost all of them demonstrate,  apart from their own achievements,   two of the main foundations of Rose Charities..  The first,  defining the   very essence of Rose Charities  is cooperation.  Cooperation and its siblings  ‘coordination’ and ‘friendship’ deliver synergistic energy far greater than the sum of individual efforts.   From its very inception, Rose Charities organizers  have  been aware of this and have always welcomed new friendships.  The results speak for themselves: over 100,000 with eye problems have been assisted,   education programs ranging from primary to tertiary in 5 countries, microcredit, social enterprise and income generation programs in 7 countries.


The second  founding principle  that Rose Charities pertains to is that ‘ quality’ is  more important than ‘quantity’.  Strive for, and achieve  the former and the latter will follow.  Far better to really help a few to gain  better lives than to try to eke out resources to show numbers of those being helped.  We see this time and again in Rose, in Dr Hang and Natalia Vra’s  Rose Cambodia Sight Centre,  in The Rose Cambodia Rehabilition Centre, Professor Sarom’s Rehabilitative Surgery (RCRC) in Cambodia, in  Stand Tall Education and Brighter Smiles Uganda, in Malambo Zambia,  in Vietnam, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and in  all of the successful projects and groups in the Rose network .

Here then, presented in festive spirit, and with enormous gratitude to the ‘givers’ are the Rose 12 days of Christmas….



(http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.org NULL.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/12-days-of-christmas NULL.jpg)

 1.  ‘A Partridge in-a Pear Tree ’:   Rose Charities Malaysia’s wonderful hosting of the 4th Rose Charities International Meeting in Penang.  Creative, productive, hugely enjoyable,  and a milestone in the progress of the Rose Charities network.  Planned, organized and orchestrated by Rose International Chair Mr Lawrence Cheah (Current Chair  and first Hon. Fellow of Rose Charities International)  Vince Yeoh and the other amazing members of  Rose Charities Malaysia  www.myrosecharity.org (http://www NULL.myrosecharity NULL.org/)  .  Also, Rose Charities Malaysia’s exceptional projects in health delivery for the disadvantaged aboriginal people of Malaysia as well as helping the aged, and a surgical eye project (in cooperation with St Nicholas Home Penang)  www.sny.org.my  and  city-based health promotion.


2. ‘Two Turtle Doves ’ Rose Charities Cambodia ( Sight Centre) and Rose Charities New Zealand.  These two exemplary organizations work very closely together.  This results in a truly amazing project which continues deliver eye care and  eye surgery for well over 100,000 people since its inception. Rose NZ,  mostly through the tireless energy of Mike Webber (Rose Laureate 2009) has delivered equipment (including vehicles), funds, (for training new eye surgeons), guidance, expertise and advice. Drs Hang Vra (Rose Laureate 2007) and Natalia Vra and their team have , built, promoted and implemented programs both at the Kien Khleang Centre and  now, through outreach,  into the larger community .   www.rose-charities.org (http://www NULL.rose-charities NULL.org)    and   www.rose-eye.info (http://www NULL.rose-eye NULL.info/)

3. ‘Three French Hens ’ :  The Rose Canada  Safe  Motherhood initiative (Hillman Fund, Safe Motherhood Guatemala, Frontier Primary Health Pakistan, Tabish Social Health Afghanistan  www.tsheo.com.af (http://www NULL.tsheo NULL.com NULL.af/)  ) 2012 saw the inauguration of a safe birthing committee, chaired by midwifery consultant Janice Wensley , to help coordinate plans and funding for the Afghanistan, Guatemala, and Pakistan safe birthing projects. Leading this group are Annette Borkent and Dr. Ruth Brighouse ‘of Safe Motherhood Guatemala ’   www.safemotherhoodproject.org (http://www NULL.safemotherhoodproject NULL.org/)  . In Afghanistan, coordination is with Dr Wais Aria of the Tabish Social Health Organization.   Afghanistan sadly sees one of the highest maternal childbirth mortalities in the world, a mother dying every two minutes in or around childbirth.

4. ‘Four Calling Birds’:   Rose Charities Vietnam   www.rosevietnam.org (http://www NULL.rosevietnam NULL.org/)  and its programs continued their expansion in scope, organization and effectiveness in 2012 orchestrated both locally by Mr Nguyen , (Rose Laureate 2010)  and his Vietnam team, notably Ms Thuc,  Louis Nguyen and Jan and Bill Johnston in Canada and USA.  Support for the blind (home building and training) in Hue and community income generation in Thanh Thien by reestablishment of their paper flower cottage-industry were main targets in central Vietnam while, in Ho Ch Minh City support for the Be Tho orphanage, assisted by grants through Rose Charities UK   www.rosecharities.org.uk (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.org NULL.uk/)   from the Oliver Bonas group enabled vaccination and health programs as well as food purchase for the children. Rose Charities Vietnam never ceases to amaze with its energy and creativity in program development.

5. ‘Five Gold Rings ’  2012 saw the Uganda programs  consolidate and expand in addition to new linkages and connections coming into being.  The ’12 Days of Christmas’ song  mentions ‘five gold rings’ and the Rose network has these ! Foremost as always were the amazing Stand Tall Education www.standtalleducation.org (http://www NULL.standtalleducation NULL.org/)  and  Brighter Smiles  www.brightersmilesafrica.ca (http://www NULL.brightersmilesafrica NULL.ca/)  programs  with their schools, assistance to orphans, social income and health projects.  The enormous amount of assistance those projects give to children in need cannot be over-stated.  The work of the Volset  Orphanage continued and the Hillman Fund  www.hmef.info (http://www NULL.hmef NULL.info/)  supported  a number of students in health training and coordinated also with the Laura Case Trust UK  www.thelauracasetrust.org (http://www NULL.thelauracasetrust NULL.org/) . The strong links with the  Heada (http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.info/heada-teams-up-with-stand-tall/) organization were consolidated, in coordination with Stand Tall, for the training of health workers specialising in sexually transmitted diseases. It is impossible in these few short lines to properly describe the impact of all the many project components in Uganda but they are considerable, and so much of this has been constructed and orchestrated by the tireless work of Nicole Schouela and Dr Andrew Macnab (Rose Laureate 2012)  and their teams both in Uganda  and Canada.   However  on 7tth 9th March 2013 the Uganda groups will host the 5th Rose Charities International Conference ‘ Excellence in Education’  in Kampala www.rosecharities.org (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.org/)    where proper focus on the groundbreaking work of the Uganda organizations in the Rose network will be given appropriate attention.

6. ‘Six Geese-a-laying’:   The Rose Cambodia Rehab Centre (RCRC)  www.roserehab.org (http://www NULL.roserehab NULL.org/)  coordinating with Rose Charities Australia www.rosecharities.org.au (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.org NULL.au/)   has developed  into a well managed and hugely valuable project for the disabled of Cambodia.  RCRC was founded by Joanna Thomson (Rose Laureate 2011 and Rose Charities Australia trustee) who created, with her team, one of the most effective rehabilitation facilities in Cambodia today.   Physiotherapy and other rehabilitation  therapies are much needed in Cambodia and RCRC integrates the services available (including rehabilitation surgery from Dr Nous Sarom’s (Rose Laureate 2008)  ‘Operation First’ program.  RCRC also coordinates with the Cambodia Physical Therapy Association (CPTA) which is assisted by Rose Canada’s Hillman Fund  www.hmef.info (http://www NULL.hmef NULL.info/)  in their advanced physiotherapy training program.

7. ‘Seven Swans-a-swimming’:  Malambo Grassroots Zambia   www.malambograssroots.ca (http://www NULL.malambograssroots NULL.ca/)  run a spectrum of wonderful, rurally-based projects ranging from school education, to a health clinic, and women’s income groups in the Monze area of Zambia.  An exciting development of the last few months has been the planning of a joint project in commercial beekeeping with the ‘Bee World’ organization of Surrey B.C. Canada’  www.honeybeecentre.com (http://www NULL.honeybeecentre NULL.com/) .  This will provide income and ensure better environmental management within the area. One of Malambo’s main organizers in Canada is  international harpist Heidi Krutzen.  Heidi has been helping Zambias main music school and last year sent a container of donated musical instruments from Canada to the school. Jocelyn Banyard, Malambo’s other main Canadian organizer, travels regularly to work on the project (which was founded by her aunt) as well as organizing fund-raisers and the sourcing of equipment in Canada.  This long running project has helped  hundreds of impoverished adults and children over the many years it has been operating.

‘8. Eight Maids-a-milking’:  Rose Charities Singapore  www.rosesingapore.info (http://www NULL.rosesingapore NULL.info/)   joined the Rose Charities network in early 2012 and is its newest member.  It is also one of its most active, carrying out numerous local initiatives ranging from orphanage support to assisting old folks homes. Almost every weekend a social project is undertaken in Singapore organized by founder Christina Leong and her team.  In addition to the local projects, Rose Charities Singapore has been enormously helpful in international initiatives, specifically in collecting funds and materials for emergency relief – such as in the Thai flood disaster,  and also in supplying used laptops to the Rose Charities Uganda project(s) . 

9. ‘Nine Ladies dancing’ :   Madagascar  and Guatemala  are a long way apart geographically,  but  they are linked by two marvellous school support  projects.  Guatemala’s  ‘The Mayan Project’   www.themayanproject.org (http://www NULL.themayanproject NULL.org/)  founded by Dr Ellen Coburn, has run a school for many years for children in one of the most deprived rural areas of Guatemala.  Rose Charities Madagascar provides a similar amazing service with the ‘Mahatsara School project’  for children in a very poor area of Madagascar.  In addition the Mahatsara project extends into other areas such as agriculture, health education , a nutrition program, a sports and parents association.

10. ‘Ten Lords-a-leaping’ :  Rose Charities Sri Lanka remains one of the most active in the Rose Charities network .  Led by Director Anthony Richard, and now assisted by Mr Rajeeshan,  the project has seen a spectrum of initiatives ranging from health, to education (all ages), community development, sports for peace and a microcredit programme.  This last area has been developed only through the dedicated assistance of Mr Lawrence Keenan, founder of the CSLI institute in Vancouver, whose unwavering support has been unparalleled.  Rose Charities Sri Lanka remains a huge source of pride for the Rose network – its deliverance of  initiatives to thousands  in need, and its fortitude in problem-solving are exemplary.

11. Eleven Pipesr -piping :  Rose Charities Canada’s  Haiti program has again underlined our belief that true emergency relief efforts should be long term, and not short ‘high media profile’ programs.

After initial medical/surgical relief, work has concentrated on much needed pediatric nursing training.  Missions focus on training teachers. Orchestrated by a  Rose team of Vancouver  nurses and nurse educators – principally Prof Karen Schafer, Linda Warner, Terri Lubin,  and other volunteer nurse trainers from B.C. Children’s Hospital and other Vancouver hospitals, the program has steadily continued its specialized training program.

12. Drummers drumming:  And the 12th day goes to one of the most important groups in Rose Charities network –  its ‘silent heros’.  These people manage the infrastructure and raise funds throughout the network  .  These ‘drummers’ drum steadily away in the background, largely unnoticed, but critical to keeping the Rose network alive.  Foremost of these are the Chartered Accountants,  Eric Vanderluit   www.vanderluit.com (http://www NULL.vanderluit NULL.com/)   of Rose Canada,  Jane Midgley   www.midgleys.co.nz (http://www NULL.midgleys NULL.co NULL.nz/)  of Rose NZ and  Barbara Reade of Rose Charities UK  www.rosecharities.org.uk (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.org NULL.uk/)   .   Penny Kendal  (lawyer) of Rose Australia  www.rosecharities.org.au (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.org NULL.au/)  carries out similar work for Rose Australia.  All four  donate services which would otherwise represent thousands of dollars in fees but without which proper compliance could not be made. Also in this group are those who time and again help with organizing fundraisers. The list is too large, but most of us know who they are in their own national groups and their work is hugely appreciated work.   Rose Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, USA, Australia, Canada and UK  all continue to hold fund-raising events. These events have included photographic shows, quiz-nights, dance, art and music events, dinners, street-hockey,  sale-stalls, sponsored walks, cycles and runs, dinners,  and others, all put together with hours of effort, dedication and determination.  Other supporters too – from Spain, Portugal, and France, have contributed in different and varied ways. And there are others: financial control organizers,  web-site designers (Canada’s Angela Forsyth manages a family with two children under 2 and puts together e-newsletters as well as maintaining and servicing many of the Rose websites),   Helpers with  administration work include  Judith Peralta who also does her own fund-raising events.   Malaysia sees Vince Yeoh and Lawrence Cheah (Rose International Chair),  Singapore: Christina Leong, Dickson Ho, Jessica Toh and many others.  In France,:Sumiko Berat:  Portugal: Hans and Carri Jorgensen: Spain: David Waterman: USA: Rachel Greene and Jason Rosenstock: Madagascar: Dr Emma Noble, and Luke King and Ashlee King:  Vietnam: Jan and Bill Johnston and Louis Nguyn:   Zambia, Uganda, Guatemala,  and those in our close partners, AMDA Canada.   The list simply goes on and on… and on. !    Thank you;  its you heroes that make Rose work !



A month ago we received an unexpected email from the wonderful Canadian singer and songwriter Jessica Blake   www.jessicablakemusic.com (http://www NULL.jessicablakemusic NULL.com/)  .  Jessica had written an amazing song ‘the More I see’ (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.info/jessica-blake-more-i-see NULL.mp3)  following her visit to S.E. Asisa.  She wrote to say that she was dedicating the use of the song to the work of Rose Charities.   It is a beautiful song with thoughtful, profound lyrics and we were very touched at her  spontaneous  gesture.  Jessicas gift is both a wonderful end to a great 2012 but also a fantastic beginning to 2013, now (at time of writing) only 24 hours away.

On the 7th-9th March, Rose Charities will be holding its fifth international conference in Kampala. This year the theme will be  ‘Excellence in Education’ and this theme is one which will also be the focus for the  year of 2013.  Lack of  education is the cause of  so many of  the terrible problems and suffering in the world today.  Rose Charities schools , education sponsorships, and training programs span all levels from eye surgery to early childhood (ECCE) and continue to expand.  The importance of such programs cannot be overestimated.


We wish you all a 2013 of happiness,  peace and  creativity.

Sarah Miller  & William Grut   (Secretaries General, Rose Charities International ) . 31stDecember 2012

Jessica Blake singer and songwriter gifts her lovely song ‘The more I see’ to Rose Charities

(http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.org NULL.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/jessica-blake NULL.jpg)

Jessica Blake…. writer and singer of ‘The more I see’

The beautiful singer and songwriter Jessica Blake (http://www NULL.jessicablakemusic NULL.com) has dedicated one of her most lovely songs to Rose Charities.  ‘The more I see’  (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.info/jessica-blake-more-i-see NULL.mp3)  was written during a visit by Jessica to Cambodia where she was moved by the courage of the poor battling with so much need.  Jessica discovered there of the work of Rose Charities (now around 20 years) in Cambodia (http://www NULL.rosecambodia NULL.org) and so with huge generosity dedicated this incredible song to Rose work.   Please click to listen (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.info/jessica-blake-more-i-see NULL.mp3) to if and, if  you are like it and would like to honour tnd thank Jessica by donating a little to Rose Charities efforts use the donation page (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.us/get-involved/donate) of this site.  The funds will be used to help the poor of Cambodia in one of Rose’s many projects there


Rose Charities is partnering with Hearts and Hands Cambodia(HHC) in an exciting new project, which both supports HHC’s Daycare Centre near Battambang and launches a new sustainable beekeeping initiative in this community.

For over ten years, HHC has provided care, love and support to 75-100 local children who are among the poorest from eight villages surrounding the Centre. As families struggle with local unemployment and lack of financial resources, they know that their children receive the best care at the Children’s Centre: two healthy meals daily, preschool education (the first ever in the region), personal hygiene (bath time, teeth-brushing, clean clothes), medical
attention and a wonderful safe place to play and be themselves – normal children.

preschool (http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/preschool NULL.jpg)

Rose Charities found HHC through our mutual interest in improving Cambodian livelihoods by supporting bee populations and honey production. Whilst volunteering at the Rose Charities Rehabilitation Centre in Phnom Penh, Rose Vietnam Director Jan Johnston took time out to make contacts with beekeepers in Cambodia. Her research took her twice across Cambodia and eventually to the doorstep of Hearts and Hands Cambodia. HHC founder, Christine Wagner, had been working to get a bee project going in the region for years in order to provide stable income opportunities for the parents of the children. (The area is the agricultural heart of Cambodia and home to a large bee population, despite poor handling methods used by local farmers that frequently result in the death of the bees.)

On return to Canada, Jan contacted Surrey’s Honeybee Centre, the hub for CEO John Gibeau’s Bee World Project (http://www NULL.beeworldproject NULL.org/), a not-for-profit organization that assists people from the poorer regions of the world to improve their quality of life through beekeeping. As Bee World Project had already launched a project in Cambodia (in nearby Pursat), they were keen to consider another and sent an expert to Battambang (http://www NULL.beeworldproject NULL.org/project-1-Battambang) to determine project viability.

Meanwhile, Jan continued the hunt for funding and in July was rewarded with a Bee World donor commitment for the entire bee project plus matching funding to help sustain Daycare Centre operations for the next year! In early 2013, a Bee World Project instructor will travel to Battambang to spend one month training up to 30 farmers from the eight surrounding villages. In addition, the older children attending the Sobbhana Daycare Centre will begin to learn beekeeping in order to provide training for potential livelihood opportunities in the future.

beekeeping (http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/beekeeping NULL.jpg)This is the first of three phases that BWP is committing to the region over the next decade. Securing a beekeeping project will assist families to increase their earnings and eventually the families will be able to contribute to the cost of the care for their children. The Centre, when not in use by the daycare, will be perfect as a central meeting place for the beekeeping villagers.

The mutual objective of Rose Charities and the Bee World Project is to create a self-sustaining beekeeping economy in Battambang that will supply badly needed income as well as increased nutrition through the consumption of honey and additional fruit and vegetables benefiting from the increased pollination that the bees provide. Please click to donate tab to help this great project.

Access for All – Under One Roof

By contributor Diane Frost —

Do you ever dream of what is possible beyond your doorstep? Corrugated steel might not look like a beginning in the developed world. But, in Prey Veng, Cambodia, steel is hope and self-sufficiency. One look at the breathtaking vistas of rice paddies and it is easy to see that these women have united, in one year’s time, over what can build lives as their natural talents gain the right of education via Access For All, a campaign of Rose Charities International.

Twenty inspirational young women, who were referred to Access For All, dream of making lives for themselves out of the skills they gain from working in the household. The household is special too, because the province of Prey Veng offers few choices to women living with challenges that their disabilities have handed them. Yet, they successfully strive to learn to use computers, become apt administrators and disability awareness ambassadors, all the while being valued members of a close-knit family of ladies rising above poverty.

Referred to Access For All by their own loving families and non-profit global organization (NGO) Veterans International, and a fine combination of support from donor dollars, grants and volunteerism the goal for these women is self-support.

Rose Charities’ plan is to educate women such as Chanry through scholarships to Chea Sim Kamchay Mea University where she learned the discipline of accounting and be able to run a business. A project team leader for Access For All now, Chanry said would like to work for a NGO upon completion of her accounting degree.

They attend high-school and University classes majoring in such pragmatic subjects as English, accounting and urban development. Having recently built a new bathroom for $700, the mission would benefit from an in-house teacher of information technology, Japanese and English, and all the more laptop computers, the better than the lone two in use in the office.

These women’s dream of being a part of society, in their homeland where they would have otherwise languished, and the virtues of work and education are providing answers to the challenges of disability and poverty in the gains of fellowship and self-confidence.

Joining the circle of celebrating their brightest New Year yet, they are welcome at the table, at last.


Improvements at Stand Tall Education


(http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/ROBERT-PAINTS-OUR-SIGN-crop NULL.png)

Each year we allocate some funds towards school improvements. Coming soon is new construction by one of our Stand Tall fathers. He’s building us a guard house, a goat house and a washing station. Two goats will join us at Stand Tall once completed.

In August during school break, we’ll be hiring some of our students to paint the classroom blocks under the guidance of our PTA head who is also a painter by profession. The kids will earn some money and develop new skills and our classrooms will look fresh and clean.

Goat and Chicks (http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/standtall1 NULL.png)

We’ve restocked our chicken coop with 200 new chicks that are growing fast. In six months our hens will be producing eggs and our cocks will be sold off for food. Sale of eggs goes to sustain our chicken rearing project.

A vegetable garden is in the making at Stand Tall. We’ve cleared an area for a garden and planted a variety of vegetables which will be used to supplement and add some tasty variety to our lunch program. Thank you to Mesach for coming to Stand Tall and sharing his knowledge of agriculture with us.

If you would like to help Stand Tall Education and their work in Uganda, please donate online or through check. Thank-you for your support!

The spirit of RCRC Physio Cambodia

Rose Charities Rehab Cambodia (http://roserehab NULL.org)is supported by Rose Charitiies NY

‘Stargazer’ trailer – premiere benefit in November

One of the best ever films to ever come out of South Africa:  Official Trailer. Premier in NY November 2012 to benefit Rose Project, education without borders. More info to follow…


Stargazer Official Trailer (http://vimeo NULL.com/46598309) from D Street Media Group (http://vimeo NULL.com/user12737590) on Vimeo (http://vimeo NULL.com).   Premier to will channel support so S.African school


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