Josephine de Freitas

Josephine de Freitas has spent 25 years in international development starting with a war widow’s co-operative in Zimbabwe in 1978. In 1994, she volunteered at the BC Children’s Hospital to create their International Health Programs and initiated projects in South Africa and Guyana. In 1996, she assisted UBC to develop the Center for International Health and organized the “Bridging the Pacific” APEC conference on distance education. In 2004, she managed the CIDA funded project in Guyana “Strengthening Public Health in Guyana,” a $5 million CIDA funded project on HIV/AIDS and TB. She was awarded an International Rotary Fellowship for her volunteer work developing pediatric nursing in Guyana.

Josephine became involved with Rose Charities after witnessing the images of the human tragedy of the 2004 tsunami in South East Asia. Her efforts were fundamental in building the projects in Sri Lanka. She is a member of the board of Rose Charities Canada and was invited by her daughter, Noot Seear, to join the board of Rose Charities NY, inc. Her main role in Rose Charities is maintaining the relationship between Rose Charities NY and the international projects.

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