Philippines disaster: meeting the immediate needs…

Kopernik Water Filter (http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.jpg)

Kopernik Water Filter

The immediate needs of the typhoon Hiyan disaster victims include food, water, shelter materials  and basic medical supplies.  Rose Charities partners in the Bacolod Rotary club have a long relationship with Rose through Dr Collin Yong, of the B.C. Childrens hospital who has both visited and worked in the area with pediatric missions.  The clubs workers have been supplying truckloads of food and supplies for several days especially to the most stricken ares of the north, around Cadiz City.  Basic medical supplies have also been supplied.

Working though contacts with the Kopernik  Social Enterprise initiative (http://www NULL.kopernik in Bali, Indonesia,  Kopernik has generously donated 100 advance water purifying units to the Negros disaster area as well as their shipping.

Rose Charities has a very close relationship also with AMDA Canada, which is the Canadian arm of the main AMDA Organization, one of Japans biggest implementer of emergency relief.  AMDA medical personnel are currently coordinating with the Philippines Armed forces relief efforts in other areas.

In times of crisis, the more effective networking which can be utilized the better as pooling of resources can make them all go so much further and avoid duplication.




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