Medical Student Electives in Cambodia – new program

 Rose Charities system for medical electives in Cambodia has been restructured (July 2012)


Operation FIRST has now been absorbed into the PPSC Surgery Center in Phnom Penh which also delivers free surgery to the poor, and is directed again by the hugely experienced maxillofacial and rehabilitative surgeon Dr Nous Sarom  ( (http://www NULL.cambodiasurgery

Medical electives will now me more structured with their base being at PPSC but with the option to spend time (if available) at the Rose Sight Centre (http://www NULL.rose-eye (eye surgery, optometry), and  the Rose Cambodia Rehab Centre (http://www NULL.roserehab (physio-therapy, pain-clinic etc). Other centres may be available by special arrangement ie pediatrics, infectious disease etc, but the main focus is rehabilitative medicine and surgery (including eye surgery).

There may be opportunity for community visits: eye, or physio-therapy village screening visits.

As previously the electives are best suited to those interested equally in the cultural experience and health care in a uniquely fascinating part of the world.  Students with initiative to take opportunities will tend to gain more as usually a little bit of effort in communication goes a long way.

Both Dr Nous Sarom and Dr Hang Vra (ophthalmic surgery) are highly acclaimed surgeons with international as well as considerable local experience (huge case numbers). The range of pathologies also seen in Cambodia can be quite astounding.

There will be a weekly administration charge ($US 90) which will go to help the project work and support of the elective staff.   Accommodation can also be arranged (at a discount).

Students should apply early. In order to make sure that students have a enjoyable and interesting elective, numbers are limited to around 4 at a given time and some months (usually northern hemisphere summer) are usually in fairly high demand!

Please go to (%20http://www NULL.rosestudent NULL.blogspot for more details.  Applications should be addressed to (RoseHQ null@null aol

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