african hearts drummers (http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.jpg)Rose Charities and Brighter Smiles Africa would like to congratulate Ronald Mukisa (Ronny) for being named best drummer at a local cultural music festival in Uganda! Traditional drumming skills are highly prized in Africa. Schools have teams of drummers who play for dancers who compete against each other at cultural music festivals (see photo). Many hours are spent in practice to train the drummers, perfect the rhythms, and prepare the dancers for these events. In a competition this month Ronald Mukisa was named best drummer, and his team took top honours.

RONNY 2012 (http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.jpg)


Ronny is a student sponsored by Rose at Mengo Senior School in Kampala Uganda, and he has trained the school’s drummers since he joined Mengo last year. Ronny is a gifted musician who also plays guitar, and is the official trumpeter leading support at school soccer matches. His skills have made him popular with teachers and students; and he also has music videos on YouTube of songs he has written and recorded as a vocalist – watch Ronny and his brother Marvin in Njagala gwe in the video below.


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Brighter Smiles Africa is a project of Rose Charities International. Other boys like Ronny can be sponsored on the Brighter Smiles Africa website (http://www NULL.brightersmilesafrica Please donate to any of Brighter Smiles Africa’s Projects through Rose US.  All donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt. Thank-you for your support!


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