Village screening for eye disease in rural Cambodia

(http://www NULL.rosecharities NULL.jpg)The Rose Charities Sight Centre (http://rosecambodia  is back in action in the Villages, screening for eye disease an curable blindness.  In 2002 Rose Charities owned several vehicles and had an active outreach program but its vehicles were stolen and the Eye Centre looted of all equipment. Now however, thanks to the dedication of Drs Hang and Natalia Vra, and donors from Canada, New Zealand the UK and USA, the program is back in action again.

On this occasion, some 300 villagers were screened, and over 100 referred to the Sight Centre for sight restoration or blindness prevention .

Despite the events of 2002 the Sight Centre has treated, surgically, medically or optometrically over 100,000 Cambodians since that time, the vast majority too poor to be able to afford treatment by the medical system.

The sight center is still in need of funding for these outreach trips, please donate so we can keep them going.

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