Access for All Disability Awareness Campaign

Rose Charities Access for All project in Cambodia provides housing for disabled women in close proximity to education. A unique aspect of this program is the Disability Awareness Campaign, where the residents of the home carry out a program in the surrounding villages to break stereotypes about disability. There is a lot of discrimination in Cambodia against people with disabilities. This program allows these girls to show the community what they are capable of – everything!

In December the girls were able to carry out this campaign in two locations. One was conducted at Prey Veng provincial pedagogy.  There were 116 people in attendance, 32 females and 84 males. Of these people, 18 were from District office of education, 10 were school directors,1 was from the health department, 3 from provincial dept of education, 3 from POSVY, 19 disabled students from the University, 10 Disabled students from High School and 50 Disabled teacher from Prey Veng province.

The second was a drama conducted at Svay Ath Chhun Chim Preliminary and Secondary school, to show the attendees what life is like for a disabled person, and also showing them that they are mentally capable of anything the attendees are. There were 596 (Female 307 and Male 289) participants  attended included students, teachers, school directors, Village leaders, Commune leader, POSVY, SHG’s members, Federation leader and villagers.
These outreach programs are integral to changing the stigma towards disabled persons in Cambodia. These young women have an amazing opportunity to change the way Khmer society treats future generations.

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