Football Fundraiser Covers Approximately 83 Physical Therapy Sessions

By contributing to our Direct Clinical Costs, Rose USA will be assisting Rose Cambodia Rehabilitation Centre to provide approximately 83 therapy sessions to patients both in the hospital and out in the community.

In providing funds to contribute to this area of our work you are assisting us to improve the quality of healthcare services within the hospital and minimise the level of disability incurred through patient managment. Our physiotherapists work on the hospital wards, consulting with local Doctors and encouraging physiotherapy referrals in necessary cases.

One recent example of where our physiotherapists were instrumental in reducing disability was when a young patient who had sustained an ankle fracture and was immobile in bed in the hospital for several days, prior to being referred to physiotherapy. When physiotherapy finally attended to this young lady (a gap in services that physio took so long to reach this woman which has been addressed), she was found to have a nasty pressure sore on the heel of her foot and significant muscle deconditioning. When these issues were raised with the doctors, the response was ‘no problem’, which we at RCRC believe is a big problem! RCRC therapist went on to appropriately cast the injured leg, accomodating for the pressure sore, relieve pressure on the sore to encourage healing, and mobilised the young lady with crutches and began re-conditioning exercises. The result is that the sore healed well (these can potentially develop into very nasty wounds that fail to heal) and she was able to mobilise independently on crutches and go home safely with maximum function maintained.

Our clinical services also extend to the community, with staff providing patient-centred rehabilitation sessions in people’s homes, ensuring rehab is appropriate and beneficial and minimsing cost and difficulty for the families.

People with disabilities in Cambodia are known to experience even greater barriers to accessing health care than non-disabled Cambodians. Our way of clinical service provision aims to address these barriers and encourage better health care for all, especially those with disabilities. Our clincal work not only aims to provide quality care for Cambodians, but also to reduce and prevent disability.

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