Thailand flood relief

(http://www NULL.rosecanada NULL.jpg)Thailand has been suffering the worst flooding in living memory. Over 300 people have died and thousands are homeless. In some areas food, especially for babies and the elderly with special needs is scarce.   Rose Charities relief efforts have been spearheaded by the newly formed Rose Charities Singapore in conjunction with Rose Charities Malaysia and Rose Charities USA (and other Rose organizations) are supporting through their efforts.   Emergency supplies are being donated and purchased both through contacts on the ground in Thailand as well as in those neigbouring countries, and transported to the areas in need.

Donations are needed to assist program and will be very gratefully received.  As always with Rose Charities USA, the program is volunteer run so every cent donated will go to work in the disaster area for those in need.   To donate, please see our donations page.

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