AMDA 7th tsunami relief team Japan – underway

(2011-03-18) 1) AMDA team in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture:
AMDA team has been delivering mobile clinic services and relief goods to the nursing homes and schools (evacuation shelters) in Aoba and Miyagino Wards. The common cold has become prevalent among the evacuees, however, the prevention is not easy in the crowded evacuation shelters while the dust from the collapsed buildings covering the entire area.
2)Kamaishi City and the Town of Ohzuchicho, Iwate Prefecture:
Likewise, mobile clinic services have been the main activities of the AMDA team in Iwate Prefecure. The cold weather (snowing) is affecting the evacuees’ health condition and medicine is lacking in the area.
On Mar. 17th, AMDA’s sixth team left for Miyagi/Iwate with medicine and food supplies.
On Mar. 18th, followed by Mar. 19th, AMDA will be sending its seventh team (1 coordinator) and eighth team (1 doctor, 2 nurses, 4 coordinators) respectively to the aforementioned Kamaishi City and the town of Ohzuchicho in Iwate Prefecture.


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