Books Arrive in Haiti for the School of Nursing

The first shipment of french language nursing textbooks donated by Rose Charities has arrived at the School of Nursing in Haiti! It took us quite a while to source these! We wanted to ensure that they were the right books for Haiti and trying to research what we were looking for on the internet in french was a challenge. Finally one of our volunteers, Jan Johnston, got on her bike in Montreal and pedaled down to the Montreal School of Nursing and spoke to the Dean who was incredibly helpful. She put us in touch with the publishers and advised us on what to purchase. The publisher gave us a good discount and donated 30 books.

And after many emails going backwards and forwards to Haiti to get through customs etc- we hear that they arrived safely. The school is up and running again in 3 large tents. They dug some of their old books out of the rubble but these are in pretty bad shape.

Now the next task is to get the equipment for the teaching lab!

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